ECaBox first annual meeting in Tel Aviv

July 20, 2022
ECaBox Consortium at the annual meeting in Tel Aviv

After ten months of close collaboration, finally the ECaBox consortium met for the first time in person at the annual meeting in Tel Aviv on July 19-20, 2022.

The gathering, organised by the hosting partner at Bar-Ilan University, mainly focused on an in depth discussion of all the research activities performed since the start of the project. Exciting results and advances were presented together with the technical challenges identified during the first period. The objective of this meeting was to foster active and fruitful cooperation of partners that are experts in different disciplines. Moreover, transversal aspects of the project were commented, such as the dissemination and exploitation of the innovation potential associated with ECaBox.

There was even time for some fun and team building activites, a visit to BIU facilities and a tour to Jaffa City… It was a great meeting that strengthened relationships within the consortium and prepared for the upcoming project review meeting in November.

We can’t wait to meet again in some other beautiful city to discuss exciting science!